Romans 12:1 Meaning – Living Sacrifice, Holy, Acceptable

Romans 12-1 Meaning

Romans 12:1 encourages every Christian to walk with Jesus Christ as He has separated his disciples from the world. Paul beseeched his brothers and sisters in Christ to understand themselves so that they can present their bodies acceptable to the Lord.

Before encountering Jesus Paul himself was a  persecutor of Christians. But after meeting Jesus he realized that Jesus is the only living God who defeated the death at his resurrection so everyone must accept him to inherit the everlasting life.

Paul was from the tribe of Benjamin and concerning the law, he was a Pharisee. He suffered a lot for the sake of Christ. But he understood that whatever he lost here will be gained in Christ through the resurrection.

He also claimed that all worldly things are rubbish before the righteousness of Jesus. He experienced that if he could gain Jesus then he will become a successful man in this world. In order to get Jesus, he left everything and went out to preach the gospel so that the world can also gain real-life which can be only found in Jesus alone.

Present Your Body As A Living Sacrifice

Paul teaches us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice before the Lord. In the Old Testament  Jews people used to offer animals before the Lord to get forgiveness and blessing. But in the grace period, those sacrifices had no value in the eyes of the Lord. 

Believers must appear with a repentant heart by which they can have a relationship with their creator. They should glorify God by their every single act. Jesus also says that his disciples would be light into the world and by looking at them, people in the world will get to know him.

The works of the flesh are evident in a man such as idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness(Galatians 5:20-21). But the wisdom of Jesus separates believers from these works.

Believing and accepting Jesus means separation from sin and its power to walk in the righteousness of the Lord. The children of God must avoid such practices and they should live a life that pleases God.

Giving up sinful acts allows the believers to fulfill the will of God. Though it is not easy to quit everything all of a sudden with the help of God it can be done. Abstaining from such evil works, Christians can present their bodies as a living sacrifice to God.

Present Your Bodies Holy To The Lord

Through his letter, Paul warns his readers to live a holy life as the Lord himself is holy. The Lord requires his children to live a holy life that will be free from sin. The children of God should be different from the children of this world. 

In the Old Testament Israelites were the chosen people of God as they were separated from the other nations by the laws. In this grace period, Jesus has bought his disciples by his precious blood so that they can live a holy life to get salvation.

The word of God tells us to live according to the teachings of Jesus as he knows all our weaknesses. Jesus also commands his disciples to learn from him as he is holy.

The children of God must be aware that they are special people in the sight of the Lord. They should not do such activities which make them unholy. The scripture says that we all will die once and after which we will be standing before the Lord for the judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

Nothing in this world can satisfy us except the presence of the Lord. If we obey the Lord and live according to his will only then he will be with us and we will enjoy our lives on this earth. To get the touch of the mighty God we should present ourselves holy before the Lord.

Present Your Bodies Acceptable To God

We get our bodies from our parents and from the Lord we get souls. After death, our bodies mix with the dust and the souls go to the above. We have no authority over our souls and bodies.

Those who do not know Jesus think that they are the owner of their bodies but the truth is that we are nothing. Everything belongs to the Lord and in the midst of that, we have a conscience by which we can make decisions about what to do or not do.

The Bible teaches us to be careful concerning our physical bodies as we are accountable to God after our death. We need to do works that can glorify God and his name. We should not commit any kinds of sin by which we will be sent forth into the lake of fire.

Paul asked his readers to abstain from sinful works which can defile the name of God. The world can see Jesus through the lives and works of his disciples. Everyone will receive his reward at the judgment so it is seriously important to satisfy God by presenting his body as acceptable to the Lord.

Which Is Your Reasonable Service

Paul teaches us that we must pay something to the Lord as he has done a great sacrifice for ourselves. Jesus being God suffered for us, he submitted himself in the hands of the sinful men to give us salvation.

The Bible says that we all are sinners, no one can claim himself righteous and we fall short of the glory of God ( Romans 3:23). We cannot enter heaven by our good works. We need to wash our sins from the blood of a sinless man. Because the Bible says that the wages of sin are death ( Romans 6:23)

To give us an eternal life Jesus came down on this earth by shedding his blood upon the cross. He gave his life for our sake. So we can be cleansed by his blood. He has taken our sins on the cross to make us righteous in the sight of the Father. Actually, he died in our place.

We must not neglect his sacrifice by which we can find grace. The Bible says that we are saved by his grace (Ephesians 2:5). To redeem us from the wrath of God, Jesus has done his part; now we have to lead our lives which will help us to please God.

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